Chengdu International Railway Port Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd

Chengdu International Railway Port Investment&Development (Group) Co.,Ltd. (CIPI) is a state-owned Enterprise,established under the support of municipal and district governments and China Railway Chengdu Group Co.,Ltd.CIPI has 3 subsidiaries, namely Chengdu International Inland Port Operations Co., Ltd., Chengdu International Railway Service Co., Ltd., and Chengdu Free Trade Supply Chain Service Co.,Ltd.CIPI is dedicated to building an international, diversified and integrated service platform. It mainly undertakes the functions of financing, investment, construction, and operation of railway ports, including the infrastructure construction of the railway port area in the Free Trade Zone, the operation of international railway block trains, the operation of the international railway port and terminal, and the establishment of domestic railway assembling & evacuating logistics channel, and provides supporting for international trade, finance, information and other related services.

Chengdu International Railway Service, Co. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIPI, is mainly responsible for the operation and management of international trains, such as China-Europe, China-Central Asia, China-Russia and Chengdu-Guangxi-Pan-Southeast Asia. Led by Port Investment Group, we are committed to create "the Asia -Europe gateway and international Qingbaijiang" and achieve better quality, higher efficiency and lower costs. So, it can provide goods with more efficient, convenient and stable international railway transportation services, and further promote industry cluster and development. Meantime, it also integrates various industries via this port and drives the development of surrounding cities by relying on such industries, to provide a much more convenient and efficient transportation channel for Chengdu to go global and attract foreign investment, greatly boost the ecological development of urban industry supply chains, and promote Chengdu to be a national center city featuring new idea of development.

Chengdu International Railway Port is located in the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Yangtse River Economic Belt acting as the pattern of opening to the westward and southward outside world. Also, Chengdu International Railway Port is the only international railway freight hub of Sichuan and the symbol of fulfillment of the Belt and Road initiative.Chengdu International Railway Port is the starting point of China-Europe Railway Express. It is located in China(Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone Chengdu(Qingbaijiang) International Railway Area covering 9.68 kilometers square and adheres to the goal of ‘leading in the world, first-class in Asia, and first in China’. Chengdu International Railway Port intends to build and inland railway terminal with an annual container capacity of more than 4 million TEUs, which is a global, powerful, railroad air to water multimodal transport center with internal and external linkages.Chengdu International Railway Port has been approved National Opening Port, Multimodal Transport Regulatory Center, Vehicle Import Port, and Designated Port for the Entry of Meal.


many operation trains, good stability and short traveling time


Circulation Of Trains

2016 international railways operated
520 trains reaching the 1st out of China

2017 international railways operated
1012 trains reaching the 1st out of China

In 2018, CIPI strives to maintain the
highest number of international trains
First in the country


International Class Line

30+ International railway lines

China-Europe route(Poland/Nuremberg/Netherlands)

China-Russia route ( Moscow )

China-Central Asian route (Five countries of Central Asia)

asean route(qinzhou Port-asean)

Customized Block Train (Tomsk / Ghent / Milan /Tashkent / Minsk / Mara / Smolgen / Prague / Vienna / Istanbul / Alma-Ata )



Members exceeded 400+

Actual customer exceeds 3500+

Import and export cargo transportation covers22 categorie(Plant product category、Machine class、Plastic rubber products、Instrument class、Textile categories、Transportation equipment category、Animal Products category、Base metals and product categories, etc.)

Three advantages: many operation trains,good stability and short traveling time

Many operation trains:In 2016, there were 460 runs of "Chengdu-Europe Express" (including 291 outbound runs and 169 return runs), accounting for 26% of the total 1702 runs of China-Europe Train. The number of its train runs leapt to the top of China-Europe trains, and it becomes the first line where trains are running every day.

From 2013 to Jun. 23, 2017, there have been more than 1000 runs of "Chengdu-Europe Express" within 5 years, which made it become the China- Europe trains whose number of train runs exceeded 1000 most rapidly. China Railway Express(Chengdu) has launched 502 trains on August 31, 2017 reaching the top of China. China Railway Express(Chengdu) has launched 887 trains from January 1 to August 26 in 2018 with Chengdu-Europe 732 trains, Chengdu-Middle Asia 40 trains, and Chengdu-the Southeast Asian Nations 115 trains.

Most stable:"Three Lines in Parallel" pattern (the two-way operation of the centerline from Chengdu to Lodz, Tilburg and Nuremberg, the north line from Chengdu to Russia and the south line from Chengdu to Central Asia as the supplementary line) has been preliminarily formed. The goods can be transported by the train to Lodz (Poland), Nuremberg (Germany) and Tilburg (Netherlands) and might be delivered to other cities within 3-4 days. The service covers the whole territory of Europe.

Transportation is open in Winter. The International train companies have their own freezers and storage cabinets which provide indemnity for the goods that have special requirements for temperature such as electronic products and fresh food on safe transportation work, to ensure that this line will not be closed down in Winter so as to provide customers with annual transport security.

short time:At present, the running time of outbound trains from Chengdu to Lodz, Nuremberg and Tilburg is about 12 days, 14 days and 14 days respectively while the corresponding running time of return trains is about 15 days, 17 days and 17 days, respectively.

The port with complete functions

Chengdu International Railway Port is located in the Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu. It is the origin of Chengdu-Europe Express of China-Europe Train with the largest railway container station in Asia - Chengdu Railway Container Central Station, the largest bulk cargo hub in Chengdu-Dawan Freight station and the only railway freight consignment port in Sichuan- Chengdu Railway Port. At present, the Chengdu Railway Port has been granted the functions of the designated port of meat import and the import port of the vehicle, and is actively building the import port of grain and declaring the port of fruit import. The imported meat designated is equipment with 1000

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